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Mari Possa

Aliases: Mari Posa
Country: United States
State: California
Ethnicity: Latin
Birthday: 1980-01-21
Eye: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5' 1
Weight: 100lbs
Cup: D
Measurements: 34B-24-34

Mari Possa (born January 21, 1977 in San Miguel, El Salvador) is a pornographic actress and reality TV personality who entered the adult film business after originally working as an office assistant for porn producer and star Adam Glasser, a.k.a. "Seymore Butts". Her decision to enter the business, her subsequent breast augmentation surgery, and her rise to stardom formed an ongoing "subplot" in Glasser's Showtime reality series, Family Business, which first aired in 2003 (on the series, she is initially referred to by her real name, Mirna, until the episode in which she chooses her stage name). The series also followed the development of a romantic relationship between Possa and Glasser which blossomed and ended before the Family Business cameras; their break up is the subject of the final episode of season four, titled "I'm Dancing ASS Fast As I Can."
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Mari Possa - Anal quickie in hotel room - 9 min

Mirna Granados (n. 21 de enero de 1980 en San Miguel, El Salvador), mejor conocida como Mari Possa, Queen B ó Bianca del Toro es una actriz porno y una personalidad de reality show.

Su familia se mudó de El Salvador a los Estados Unidos cuando ella tenía tan solo nueve años.1

Ella apareció en el show Sexy Girls Next Door de "Playboy" en su 1ra. temporada, en el episodio no. 39, como Mirna Granados (su verdadero nombre).

Ella entró al mundo del espectáculo para adultos después de trabajar originalmente como asistente en la oficina del productor de porno y estrella Adam Glasser, mejor conocido como "Seymore Butts".

Su decisión de entrar al negocio y su posterior cirugía para aumentar sus senos, fueron fundamentales ante su subida al estrellato en el show de televisión Family Business del cual Glasser era la estrella.

Este show de televisión fue presentado en 2003 (en el cual al principio de la serie, se hizo referencia a Mari Possa por su nombre real, Mirna, hasta el episodio en el que ella elige su nombre artístico).

La serie a su vez siguió el desarrollo de una relación romántica entre Possa y Glasser la cual floreció y terminó ante las cámaras de Family Business; su ruptura es el tema del episodio final de la temporada cuatro, titulado "I'm Dancing ASS Fast As I Can."


Mari Possa moved to the U.S. at age seven from El Salvador.

When she was a kid, she wanted to become an astronaut. "When I die, I want my ashes spread in outer space."

What was it like to have two Harvard-educated parents?

"Hard. Expectations like you wouldn't believe, but I've always been the rebel."

On her 18th birthday (while still in highschool), Mari Possa got drunk for the first time (vodka and orange juice) with a friend. "First period went by, we're fine. Second period went by, we're tipsy. Third period, we're really drunk. I'm the TA (teacher's assistant for gym class). I have to warm up the students. I have trouble getting dressed. I fall on my face. I was taken to the nurse. I got suspended for two days. My parents had to come in and talk to my teachers. I got pulled off the prom committee.

"Aside from that, I never got in trouble. I got away with everything.

"I grew up in Reseda. I went to Reseda Elementary and Reseda High School. Then to Pierce College."

Mari hung out with the cool crowd.

Luke: "What was your reputation?"

Mari: "Everybody thought I was the biggest slut in highschool, but I was a virgin until I was almost 21 [though she had sex with a girl at 16]. I was like the dog that barked but didn't bite. Everything that came out of my mouth was sex-related. I don't know why I was so obsessed with sex. Maybe because my parents never talked about it."

Luke: "What were you expected to become?"

Mari: "I was voted Most Likely To End Up At Bob's Classy Lady [the former name of a Valley strpi club].

"I never knew what Bob's Classy Lady was."

Luke: "What kind of a relationship did you have with your father?"

Mari Possa: "Until I was 14, a great relationship. Then I started dating, and we grew apart. I wouldn't talk to him about my things. Until this day, our communication is not great. My mom has always been there for me.

"Neither of my parents agree with porn or want me to be in it. They think it's a phase. Now they're like, when are you going to snap out of it? I say, I'm not going to. This is it."

Her parents haven't met her boyfriend Adam Glasser. "My mom has a problem with his age." Mari Possa is 24. Adam is 41. Mari's mom is 45. Her dad is 49.

Luke: "Have you ever spent time in jail?"

Mari: "No. The closest I got was when my girlfriend had to spend the night in jail for drunk driving and I stayed in the car outside the jail. I wanted to be supportive. She went into a cell that had a phone and we were on the phone the whole night. We were 21."

Luke: "How has the show Family Business affected your life?"

Mari: "It's put me in the spotlight. It's made me more conscious of myself and what I say."

Mari says she once told me something she thought was off-the-record but that I printed (not realizing).

Luke: "How would you assess U.S. - El Salvador relations?"

Mari: "I had a good childhood. I didn't know we were going through a war. My parents never exposed us to anything. I grew up very sheltered."

Luke: "What do you love and hate about the porn industry?"

Mari: "I love the open-mindedness of it. I hate that we're not a good example for society for safe sex. If anybody should be, it should be the porn industry."

Luke: "Are you condom-only?"

Mari: "No."

Luke: "What do you want out of life?"

Mari laughs. "What everybody wants. Happiness. I don't want to have kids and I don't believe in marriage. I want a wedding simply for the gown. I just want to be healthy. I'm a hypochondriac."

Luke: "Who do you hate the most in the industry?"

Mari: "I don't hate. Not a lot makes me mad. I'm very passive."

Brooke Haven says Mari only gets mad when Brooke's ass gets big.

Mari: "All of my friends have been very supportive even though they're not into porn at all."

Luke: "Why did you get breast implants?"

Mari: "Because when I started doing porn and I looked at myself, I thought I looked too much like a little girl. I thought with boobs, I'd look more womanly."

Luke: "Did it change the way people related to you, particularly men?"

Mari: "No. I've always attracted attention from men."

Mari Possa Ass Gaping - 19 min

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Mari Possa - Mystified - 21 min








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