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Aylar Dianati Lie (AKA Diana)

Aylar Dianati Lie(Persa: آیلار دیانتی لی) y nacida con el nombre Sharareh (Teherán, Irán, 12 de febrero de 1984 - ) es una modelo, cantante y ex actriz pornográfica con gran fama en Noruega. Actualmente enamorada de un joven argentino llamado Joaquin Cohen de tan solo 20 años de edad. Se conocieron en Dubai y de ahi no se separaron nunca mas. Dicen que a ella le fascinaron las Ferraris del joven Cohen, en especial el modelo 430 spider.


Fotografía de m

Aylar Dianati Lie, (born Sharareh February 12, 1984, in Tehran, Iran) is a glamour model and former porn star.

Aylar arrived in Norway as a two-year-old and was raised by Norwegian foster parents. She speaks Persian and Norwegian fluently, and some English.

In 2004 Aylar participated in the Miss Norway contest, but was disqualified when the judges found out that she had taken part in adult films in the years 2002 and 2003.

In December 2004, Lie claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Robbie Williams. The claim was dismissed as false by Williams and his agents.

In 2005, she participated in Big Brother Big Brother (Sweden vs. Norway).

Her plans for 2006 included the promotion of her handpicked team of models, called Team Aylar. The members of Team Aylar currently include: Elita Löfblad, Charlotte Fredriksen, Linn Irene (Linny) Meister, Cathrine Aschim and Lisa Marie Winther. She is currently in a relationship with the 25 year old Norwegian model Frederik Midtboe.


Biography for Aylar Dianati Lie
Aylar (آیلار) (birth name: Aylar Dianati Lie, also known as: Aylar Lie, Diana Lie, Princess Diana, Aylar Dianati, Aylar Dianati Lie and Sharareh Lie) was born in Tehran (Iran) 12 Feb. 1984 (26 years ago), and came to Norway at the age of three. Due to a turbulent domestic situation she was taken away from her parents and grew up in foster care. Although she moved from Iran at an early age, she has always felt strong ties to her Persian roots and great love for her foster parents as well as her biological parents.

At the age of 16 she was invited to Iran on holiday by her biological father. Her father had nearly lost contact with her, with him living abroad in Iran. What started out as a short vacation in Iran to regain lost family ties, turned out to be a nightmare; she was kept back in Iran against her will for nearly two years. After finally managing to escape out of Iran and back to Norway, a time of desperation started to emerge.

Aylar Dianati Lie - Blue-Yell Couch - 22 min

She wanted to trace her roots and regain her lost contact with her biological mother in the US but this decision was to change Aylar's life for good. Within two months of living in the USA, Aylar was plunged into a world dominated by drugs, pornography and abuse. After nearly an overdose on drugs, she finally understood that the time had come to change her life if she wanted to stay alive. She returned back to Norway seeking medical care and feeling the safety of her foster parents. After medical treatment and gaining her self confident she decided to enter the Miss Norway (Frøken Norge) pageant in the summer of 2004 (6 years ago). With her growing success in the competition, unfortunately rumours started to spread about her past. Just as she made it among the top 10 finalists, the media got hold of proof of her participation in adult entertainment which led to her being disqualified (This was the first time the Miss Norway pageant had experienced such an event) and Aylar and her life story got an enormous media coverage. Her disqualification and past being exposed in the media was an enormous personal setback.

Within a very short period Aylar decided to get breast implants, and created the concept of her self as "Aylar" and brought together a team of beautiful and talented models in her "Team Aylar". Soon she went on to quintessential of the word "glamour model" in Norway.

In 2005 (5 years ago) she decided to remove her breast implants, and put the role of being a national tease on the shelf.

In Dec. 2005 (5 years ago) she was featured in the Sunblock music video "I'll Be Ready"

By the summer of 2006 (4 years ago) she had made a cover song of the popular eighties pop song "Boys Boys Boys" and sold out six times platinum. What originally was supposed to be a summer gig, turned out to wet her appetite for following her dream of being an artist.

In 2007 (3 years ago) she was featured in the Basshunter music video "Now You're Gone" and then in 2008 (2 years ago) was featured in Basshunter music video "All I Ever Wanted".

Hot Teen Diana 18yo Miss Norway Contestant - 23 min


* 2009 (last year): Yohan
* 2007 (3 years ago): Dådyr
* 2003 (7 years ago): Cum Dumpsters 3 - pornmovie from Redlight District
* 2002 (8 years ago): Throat Gaggers 3 - pornmovie from Redlight District
* 2002 (8 years ago): Pink Pussycats - pornmovie from West Coast (norwegian title: Norsk Porrchock)
* 2002 (8 years ago): Breakin' Em In 3 - pornmovie from Redlight District
* 2002 (8 years ago): Brand New! - pornmovie from Redlight District
* 2002 (8 years ago): 18 And Nasty Interracial 2 - pornmovie from Devil's Films
* 2002 (8 years ago): Just Over 18 5 - pornmovie from Redlight District
* 2002 (8 years ago): Little White Chicks... Big Black Monster Dicks 17 - pornmovie from Jake Steed Productions

TV-shows (series)

* Miss Norway (Frøken Norge)

Guest appearances

* 2005 (5 years ago): Big Brother


* Singles:
* Boys Boys Boys

Music videos

* 2008 (2 years ago): Basshunter - Now You're gone
* "All I Ever Wanted"
* "I Miss You"
* "Angel in the Night"

Filmes pornográficos bajo el nombre de 'diana'

* 2002: Throat Gaggers 3 - producida por Redlight District.
* 2002: Pink Pussycats - producida por West Coast - publicada en el 2005 en Noruega y Suecia con el título "Norsk Porrchock!" (fue un gran escándalo)
* 2002: Breakin' Em In 3 - Producida por Redlight District.
* 2002: Brand New! - producida por Redlight District.
* 2002: 18 And Nasty Interracial 2 -producida por Devil's Films.
* 2002: Just Over 18 5 - producida por Redlight District.
* 2002: Little White Chicks - Big Black Monster Dicks 17 - Producida por Jake Steed Productions.
* 2003: Cum Dumpsters 3 - producida por Redlight District.


Peli porno

Aylar Dianati Lie - Jolie Brune Iranienne (Aka Diana) - 23 min






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