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Hitomi Hayasaka

Hitomi Hayasaka (早坂ひとみ Hayasaka Hitomi?) is a Japanese model, actress and former adult video (AV) performer.

Life and career

Hayasaka was born on June 28, 1982 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She has said that she had very little sexual experience when she started making adult videos.

AV debut - Max-A

Hayasaka was recruited into adult video by a scout and her debut AV, Hito-Mi-X was released on the Max-A Calen label in July 2001 just after her 19th birthday. In an interview a year later she said she did not know what she was doing in her first tape and did not remember a thing about it. Her second video, also for Max-A, was Don't Close Your Eyes and Hayasaka said that it was particularly hard for her, bringing her to tears, because she had little experience with adult toys. Hayasaka was acknowledged by fans for her work in her debut year by being named Best New Actress at the 2001 X City Grand Prix Awards held in December 2001

Hayasaka continued to perform under an exclusive contract for Max-A, making one video a month and reaching her tenth work for the studio, and her first bukkake video, The Honeymoon, in April 2002. Hayasaka has said that AV work became easier for her after three or four videos but by that time her friends were starting to find out about her career and some gave her a tough time and it wasn't until about her seventh tape that she "decided to continue this as long as I can".

KMP and Real Works

After a number of videos for Crystal-Eizou and Media Station/Cosmos Plan in late 2002, including her first anal sex scene in Princess Butt, Hayasaka joined the recently formed KMP studio in 2003 and became, along with Nao Oikawa, Ran Monbu and Saori Kamiya, one of the "2003 Million Girls" (ミリオンガールズ2003 Miriongāruzu 2003?), an exclusive promotional group of actresses working for KMP's Million label.

In March 2003, Hayasaka joined fellow AV actresses Naho Ozawa, Saori Kamiya, Cocolo, Rei Itoh and Natsuki, to make a 60 minute DVD titled P.I.N. (Perfect Idol's Numbers) demonstrating their singing talent. The DVD with songs and behind the scenes material was released by Vega Factory. In addition to the final ensemble piece, Hayasaka had a solo number, "It's a Fine Day" (作詞/神谷沙織), a song written by Kamiya.

Hayasaka continued appearing in videos for KMP, several of them directed by Goro Tameike, but retired briefly after mid-2003. She returned to KMP in 2004 to become part of another exclusive group of actresses, the "Million Executive" (ミリオンエグゼクティブ Mirioneguzekutibu?) with Nao Oikawa. In 2005 they were joined by Ran Monbu.One of her videos from that period Cosplay Superstar Hitomi Hayasaka, released in August 2004, won an Award for Excellence at the 2004 KMP Million Academy Awards.

In late 2004, when the new studio Real Works advertised its list of actresses for its first videos, Hayasaka was among them and she appeared in the inaugural video for Real Works, The Real Hitomi Hayasaka, released in January 2005 and directed by Goro Tameike. Hayasaka alternated making adult videos for KMP and Real Works in 2005, including two, Best Friend 3 for KMP[20] and Double Dream, Super Special for Real Works, with her real life best friend Naho Ozawa. At the 2006 Adult Broadcasting Awards, she was nominated for Best Actress for works broadcast on satellite broadcaster SKY PerfecTV! in 2005.

Also in 2005, Hayasaka appeared in the erotic comedy film Ecstasy Express (シベリア超特急・欲望列車 Shiberia Chōtokkyū: yokubō ressha?), which had its debut at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February 2005 and was later shown theatrically in Tokyo in August 2005. The film starring gravure idol Miku Matsumoto, with appearances by AV actresses Maria Yumeno, Naho Ozawa and Ran Monbu, as well as professional wrestler and AV actor Chocoball Mukai was subsequently released on DVD.

Retirement and later career

At the beginning of 2006 Hayasaka began a "Countdown to Retirement" with seven final productions for Real Works leading to a final retirement video in July 2006. Her final videos included anal sex and double penetration scenes, a 100 count bukkake production, and a bondage movie.

Soon after her retirement, in November 2006, Hayasaka started up RIZE CUBIC, a talent agency to represent and develop AV actresses. Hayasaka returned to her old studio KMP in May 2007 for a non-sex cameo appearance in the company's entry in the 2007 AV Open competition, Million Dream 2007 Part 1.

Hayasaka was featured in the mainstream movie Dark Love: Rape (ダーク・ラブ~Rape~ Dāku rabu: Rape?), directed by Katsuya Matsumura, which was released in Japan on March 1, 2008. The erotic psycho-thriller starred Dankan and gravure idol Yuu Tejima and was produced by Hayasaka's former AV studio, KMP, which also released it as a DVD in July 2008. Later in 2008, she appeared in the erotic action film Secret Undercover Investigation: Wildcats in Strip Royale (秘密潜入捜査官 ワイルドキャッツ in ストリップ ロワイアル Himitsu sennyū sousakan: Wairudokyattsu in Sutorippu Rowaiaru?), released by Toei in June 2008, starring Reon Kadena and gravure idol Yuri Morishita.

In December 2008, Hayasaka was involved in opening a cabaret called "Club@virgin" in Tokyo's Roppongi district with the hostess conversation being provided by up to 25 AV actresses on any given night, including such attractions as Hayasaka, good friend Naho Ozawa, and retired actress Hotaru Akane.

Hitomi Interview

Translated by:Ex-S Woo

Interviewer: So, you debuted last year, right?
Hitomi: Right, the latter half of July.

Interviewer: It's common to do photoshoots early on in this line of work but you've been doing this for almost a year now. How does it feel?
Hitomi: Well, I've gotten used to work but I still feel a bit nervous about doing them.

Interviewer: Even after 10 tapes?
Hitomi: Yesterday...or was it the day before that? Anyway, I just finished shooting my 12th tape, and that feeling's still there. Actually, I'm more comfortable doing live stuff like this interview more than the shoots.

Interviewer: Do you get embarassed when they ask you to act natural?
Hitomi: Yes, I do. The actors do a lot for you when you're on the recieving side, but people are asking me to be more agressive recently and I don't know how I'm supposed to do that, exactly.

Interviewer: Well, I suppose it's natural after getting the amount of experience you got so far.
Hitomi: That's true. It's really about time that I do become more agressive.

Interviewer: So if you're acting like this now, I bet it was a lot worse when you were debuting.
Hitomi: I've blocked it out of my mind (laughs). I don't remember a thing about my first tape.

Interviewer: Isn't that because you were too busying coming?
Hitomi: No, it was really because I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I think the 2nd tape was like that too.

Interviewer: ...and it's still continuing to a certain extent, it seems like. You're doing about 1 tape a month, right?
Hitomi: Right. I often get cast as a younger sister or a high school student, which is good since it's for me when I have to act out a role. I love to act. I tend to do rather badly on the straight sex tapes.

Interviewer: Well, that's probably because straight sex is all that's there in those tapes.
Hitomi: Exactly. So I don't think I'm quite ready for it.

Interviewer: You don't like sex?
Hitomi: No, I do (laughs). Being filmed is also a bit of turn on as well. I get more comfortable as the same director films me over and over again.

Interviewer: I see. So how about photoshoots like this one?
Hitomi: It's a lot of fun. I mean, I get to travel and everything.

Interviewer: Hey, your voice sounds a lot happier now. Do you look at your own pictures?
Hitomi: I do take a look them when I see them in stores, but I don't go out of my way to do it. It's more like me leafing through a magazine that I find in a office or something.

Interviewer: Oh, so it's pretty much like how people decide on what magazines to buy. You know, you've been in a lot of photoshoots and interviews lately, haven't you?
Hitomi: Yes. There's not as many interviews anymore, but I had more interviews than shoots for the first 3 months or so. -I bet the questions are all the same though. It really is. They're all about my newest tape or about my private life.

Interviewer: That and what led you to make a debut.
Hitomi: Right (laughs).

Hitomi HayasakaInterviewer: Well, we do get in trouble if we don't ask. So how did it happen anyway?
Hitomi: I was scouted. Someone came up to me while I was walking home with a friend. I'm not sure why I okayed it at the time though (laughs). There was nothing I really wanted to do and I quit school a bit earlier so I was really worried about what I should do. I never dreamed of being in a place like this at the time.

Interviewer: How was your photoshoot like?
Hitomi: It was during the summer so it was incredibly hot, but I think it came out pretty well. I even remember buying a copy of it at the deli (laughs).

Interviewer: You also did a photobook, right?
Hitomi: Yes, my 2nd one just came out, actually. There's another one coming out this summer too.

Interviewer: 3 books in one year is quite impressive. So I bet you did a lot of shooting overseas.
Hitomi: Not really. I went to Saipan for the first one, and I was supposed to go back for the 2nd book as well but we ended up going to a studio in Yokohama due to the 9/11 attacks.

Interviewer: Oh, I see. Still, you must've been in a lot of shoots by now. Over a 100, maybe?
Hitomi: Hmmm, I've been doing 3 or 4 a week so it might be around that number.

Interviewer: Did you have problems in any of them?
Hitomi: I guess the photobook shoots are the hardest. I remember the wind being so strong for the shooting of the 2nd book that my clothes would go flying off. They kept calling me Tarzan (laughs). It was incredibly cold too...I still remember what a hard time I had back then.

Interviewer: I see. How about videos then?
Hitomi: It'd be have to be the first two tapes for video shooting. The 2nd one was particularily hard for me. I never had much experience with adult toys until then that I even cried.

Interviewer: Just try not to cry here.
Hitomi: I'm fine now (laughs). But I was really scared at the time. I didn't think I could get past the third tape at this rate. But I was with the actors the entire time for the third one, and that was okay. It was a bit awkward since they would suddenly come on stage, but it was nice to be working with them for an extended period of time.

Interviewer: So you really had no experience until then?
Hitomi: Yes. I went out with someone for two years in high school but I never let him see me nude. The only position we did was missionary...

Interviewer: It didn't feel good?
Hitomi: It did feel pretty good. Of course, it didn't feel like that at all when I lost my virginity in my third year of Jr. High. It wasn't really until my senior year that it felt good.

Interviewer: I'm surprised you decided to do AVs at all.
Hitomi: Things got a lot easier for me after the third and fourth tapes, but people around me were starting to find out what I did, so it was a tough time for me. It was around the 7th tape that I steeled my mind and decided to continue this as as I can.

Interviewer: You mean your friends found out?
Hitomi: Well, my closest friends were cheering me on. But some of the people I knew would be whispering behind my back.

Interviewer: Did you have a tough time in school?
Hitomi: I think it was pretty normal. Of course, that might just mean that the whole sysytem is messed up nowadays(laughs).











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