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Monica Mayhem

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Height : 5'5
Hair : Blonde
Measurements : 34C-28-35
Birth Place : Perth, Australia
Date of Birth : 1976-03-14

Also Known As : Monic Mayhem, Monika Mounds

Performs : Anal, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum Swapping, Deep Throat, Facial, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Handjob, Hardcore, Interracial, Lesbian, Pantyhose, POV, Strap On, Swallow, Threesome, Tits Fuck, Toys

Monica Mayhem (born Caroline Pickering[1] on 14 March 1978 in Brisbane, Australia) is an Australian pornographic actress and exotic dancer and singer.

She attended Kenmore State High School but was expelled;[1] she has said about her teenage years: "I was very rebellious, I had a rough upbringing with an abusive alcoholic mother... I had no self-esteem, was shy around new people and basically thought the whole world was against me. I used to get into so many fights when I was younger."[2]

Before adult films, Mayhem worked in Sydney and London, first in finance then as an exotic dancer.[2] In 2002 she won the XRCO Award for Starlet of the Year.[3]

Outside the adult business, she is a singer/guitarist in an all-girl metal band, Sweet Avenge.[2]

In 2008, she appeared in a small role in the Sex and the City film; she is seen through a window having sex with Samantha's neighbour Dante.

Mayhem wrote an autobiography entitled Absolute Mayhem which was released by Random House Australia in 2009 in her native Australia and by Skyhorse Publishing in North America the following year.

Australia's only porn star, Monica Mayhem, estimates she's had sex on camera with around 100 men, but she admits she's lost count.

The 31-year-old Brisbane-born blonde, who has never revealed her real name, turned her back on the corporate career she had been pursing as a teenager to make money the quickest, easiest way she could think of - taking off her clothes.

She started "dancing" at a club in London and later went to the US with the owner.
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Three days later she met an agent who talked her into doing hard core porn.

She shot her first flick in December 2000 and over the last nine years she's notched up more than 400 films and has released a range of sex toys. She also scored a small part as the girlfriend of Samantha's promiscuous neighbour in the Sex and the City movie.

The LA-based actress, who admits contracting chlamydia and gonorrhoea was a price she paid for her chosen career, has now turned author.

Her book, Absolute Mayhem, reveals details about her rough childhood, rebellious teenage years and move into the US porn industry.

Q: How many men have you had sex with?

A: You kind of lose count. I've worked with the same guys over and over so it could be 50 and the total could be 100. People ask me this and I'm confused about it. I know that's silly because you should probably know these things. But when you're working you just don't really think about it.

Q: Tell me about your childhood with an alcoholic, abusive mother and an absent father.

A: It was very traumatic. I had no self-esteem whatsoever. The kids at school don't help when they're making fun of you for being poor or ugly. Just little things that really hurt when you don't feel loved as a child by your parent, and your other parent's not around. It's very hard to deal with and I guess that makes you rebel, and I was very rebellious as a teenager and I guess I still am. Doing what I'm doing is a pretty far out thing to do.

A: In your book you say you are "promiscuous by nature". What does that mean?

A: I wanted to have sex from a really young age and I can't explain why that is. And I did sleep with a fair amount of guys at a young age, starting from age 14. I've always been one to show off my body and kind of flaunt it. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist.

Q: How has working in the porn industry affected your relationships in the real world?

A. It's very hard to have a relationship definitely, being in this industry. I've tried, many times. I was married, that was around the time when my career was taking off really big, he didn't like that at all. He did some porn, he was more of a director. Guys get very jealous and controlling and they just can't deal with it really, I mean, you have to be a pretty strong man to be able to have your wife or girlfriend go out and do something like this for a living.

Q: Does that make you sad?

A: Yeah it does and I just keep thinking you know, well I'm not going to be doing it forever so I'm just going to remain single until I know that I'm happy where I'm at in my career and I'm done shooting and filming and then hopefully I will find someone.

Q: Does working in porn affect your sex life?

A: It used to affect it. I was shooting all the time and obviously your body can only take so much. So I'd go home and I wouldn't want to have sex ... but having sex off camera is a lot better, obviously, because we're being told what to do, crazy positions and places and it's just not reality.

Q: You say you are also a witch. How has practising Wicca helped you?

A: It helps me to stay grounded and it helps me to cope with things a lot better ... it's not like you see in the Hollywood movies, it's actually just a more free and naturally way of living ... it's all about mother nature and the universe.

Q: How has the porn industry changed over the last decade?

A: It's gone from like a $US12 billion a year industry to like a $US6 billion a year industry (in the last two or three years) to continuing to go on a downward spiral. Anyone can get free porn on the internet ... they're not able to pay us as much, they're not shooting as much, the market is over-saturated ... it's too much. That could cause the industry to shut down eventually."

Q: What sorts of misconceptions do people have about the porn industry?

A: Just that we're re all stupid, we're all on drugs, you know, we have no other talent or other skills. I've known brain surgeons from Russia who've come in to do porn because they make more money in the States than they do in their own country. Or there's girls paying their way through college or trying to support their kids. There's all kinds of reasons people get in the business.

Q: Has what people want from their porn movies changed over time?

A: The main thing that concerns me is the amount of young girl porn, the girls that look really young. They kind of make them to look like teenagers and that's a bit scary, you know the whole paedophilia issue. But then it's probably better that they're watching it on the movies rather than going out and acting out their fantasies on the street. There's the foot fetish thing which is huge. I have so many foot fetish fans ... what's increased is the amount of alternative porn, where the girls have tattoos and piercings and stuff.

Q: You say porn is helpful. Why is that?

A: I get a lot of emails from couples saying `you saved my marriage. From watching your movies it really helped spice things up and we've learnt so much'. I give advice to a lot of different people as well ... there's also a lot of really depressed guys and girls out there who are so lonely they can't find a sexual partner and they turn to porn and then they end up thanking you for making their day and even just replying to them puts a smile on their face.

Q: Is there anything that you enjoy doing in your films?

A: I love doing girls. Girls on camera's always fun because the director usually lets us do what we want. When your shooting with a guy the director is positioning you so you can see the hard core action so it's not always comfortable. And the three-ways are also fun too.

Q: What are some of the more unusual things you've done on camera?

A: Can we talk about tamakeri? It's a Japanese fetish where you basically kick the guy in the balls as hard as you can to make that slapping sound and that's what they get off on. I kind of did it just to say that I did it and to experience it cause I thought that is so bizarre that anyone would want to go through that. But usually it's the type of guys who've been tormented at school maybe and they want to be tortured by beautiful woman and it turns them on. The sneezing fetish; they made me sneeze, I had to sniff pepper or stick a toothpick up my nose and then blow my nose and that's a fetish. I've had my foot in places that it should never be."

Q: How much longer do you see yourself making porn movies?

A: I've been thinking about that lately, and I mean you can work until you are 80 ... there's a niche market for everything.


Interview with Monica Mayhem

First off, for those who might not know you, what is your name and please describe yourself?

I’m Monica Mayhem. I’m 5’5″, blue eyes, blonde hair, 29, 34D-24-34. Originally from Australia, born in Brisbane, Queensland. Half Australian and half Welsh. I’ve shot over 400 adult films and magazines, won quite a few industry awards, hosted 2 radio shows and have appeared in numerous mainstream TV shows and movies, most recently “Sex and The City”. I also have an exclusive contract with Pipedream Products, with my signature line of toys “The Saucy Aussie” collection.

How did you first get into the adult industry?

I used to work in financial markets/futures trading in Sydney, Australia. I then traveled to Europe and moved to London and worked in an IPE brokerage (International Petroleum Exchange). I got sick of that world, I started dancing at the newly opened Spearmint Rhino on Tottenham Court Road. I also did a couple of softcore photo/video shoots. One night, at the club, I met one of the owners of the Rhino, and I was drunk and dared him to fly me back to the states with him that same night. Four hours later we were headed to Texas. A couple of days after that I went to LA. A few days later I met an agent, who talked me into doing hardcore scenes, and the rest is history!

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been in the industry over 7 years and have performed in over 400 XXX films and magazines.

You have been in the industry for a while now, is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you are dying to?

I always wanted to work with Carmen Luvana. I think she’s smokin’ hot, but I think she is no longer in the biz. I think I’ve worked with every guy I’ve wanted to work with. Couldn’t give you a favorite though. There’s quite a few that I like.

You also do feature dancing. Which do you prefer, featuring or performing in the movies?

I like to mix it up a little between featuring and performing, so I don’t get burnt out on either. I love doing both, so I really couldn’t say what I like doing better.

Monica Mayhem 2When did you lose your virginity?

I was 14, in Brisbane, outside someone’s front yard in the outback, after a bush party!

How would you like to see your careers progress in the future?

Well, I made the mistake of disappearing a lot back when my name was really big. I guess I just couldn’t handle everything at the time. I was having a lot of problems back then. So now I’m trying to pick up the pieces of my life and get more involved in my career, but I’m also pursuing music, that is my number one passion since I was born, however, I only had the confidence to start pursuing it within the last few years. It doesn’t happen overnight, believe me, trying to get good musicians to work with has been the main struggle, especially in this town. I have good people and good contacts now, so things are going great. We have a myspace profile with 5 songs up right now, That is the name of the band. Just demo tracks right now, but still sound great. I write all the lyrics and melodies and my guitarist does the music and engineering. My goal is to finish this album, we’re up to song number 6, 6 more to go, and go on tour! That is my dream.

Does your friends and family know that you are in the industry and do they support your decision?

They do know, and my friends support me, but not my family. Except for my brother, he is cool with everything.

What sort of things were you interested in when you were younger?

Singing, dancing, acting, modeling and sports, mostly kick-boxing and surfing

What personality trait or traits would your friends say best described you as a young girl? Also please explain your answer.

I was very rebellious, I had a rough upbringing with an abusive alcoholic mother, she was very cold, which in turn, made me very hard to get to know. I had no self-esteem, was shy around new people and basically thought the whole world was against me. I used to get into so many fights when I was younger, but I was always crazy and willing to try new things, I’d do anything once!

Monica Mayhem 3Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Well, I’m always shooting new movies for different companies. The most special event coming up is my 30th birthday on march 14! But I’m not sure if I’m having a big party yet. The other big event is the re-launch of my new website I’ve changed webmasters, so it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, and my focus is going to be primarily on my site this year. Constant new updates of content, video and stills. Plus, of course, 7 years worth of content to go on there. A whole new design which will make the site more personal for the fans to interact with me. I’m going to have complete control and access to everything. I’ll be doing live chats regularly, and updating my diary to give an insight of my personal life and all the crazy things I get up to, including stories from shoots and dance gigs etc. Also, fans will be able to purchase pretty much anything from me, including autographed movies, and clothing/lingerie etc, with a signed photo or DVD, if worn in the movie. There will also be a message board, so fans can give feedback and request to see certain things on the site that aren’t up there, and I will of course do my best to make all their fantasies cum true!

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