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Darryl Hanah

Darryl Hanah nació el 14 de julio de 1972 en Sacramento, California.

En Julio de este año cumplira los 37 años.

Sus medidas son: 101-63-89 cm y es una mujer bastante alta, porque mide 1,78m y pesa 61kg.

Antes de entrar en la industria del porno, estuvo al mando de un restaurante durante más de 14 años.

Se consideró una masturbadora compulsiva desde que era pequeña, y dicen que por eso y a pesar de su promiscuidad no se quedó embarazada durante sus estudios, a diferencia de muchas otras chicas de su clase.

Su nombre es parecido, aunque no debe confundirse con la actriz Daryl Hannah.

Y es que el parecido de las dos actrices es verdaderamente asombroso.
Sus inicios en el mundo del Porno

Su enorme deseo sexual y su obesión por la masturbación le hizo plantearse sus inicios en el mundo del porno hasta acabar convirtiendose en una superestrella.

Desde siempre se declaró una gran amante de la pornografía y ha cofesado que disfruta viendo películas con su marido.

Así, cuando llega el momento de practicar sexo ella está tan caliente que está dispuesta a darlo todo.

Adora posar desnuda frente las cámaras, y una de las cosas que más le gustan a parte de masturbarse es realizar mamadas. Dice que se podría pasar horas y horas chupando pollas.


Se considera a sí misma, una "puta elegante" a la que gusta follar, pero a la que no le gusta que la degraden sexualmente.

También tiene estudios en masaje terapéutico y sabe perfectamente cómo cuidar su belleza sin la ayuda de nadie.

Es muy feminista y proclama el derecho de la mujer por la dominación sexual.

Desde julio de 2008 se ha desempeñado como coanfitriona del espectáculo Dirty Divas de RudeTV.

Y por si os lo habíais preguntado... su pecho es totalmente natural.,%20la%20Milf%20por%20excelencia

Darryl Hanah came late to the adult film industry – when she realized “it was the next logical step. Basically everything I was doing as a hobby was adult-related. I’ve always loved porn so, being a dirty girl, it was the next obvious choice in my life. Now I make a nice living doing what I like to do in my personal life. And I like that people can enjoy me - enjoying myself!”

The all-natural, 5’10” California-dream hottie (36-25-35) from Mendocino County in Northern California, by way of Sacramento had left high-fashion modeling and settled into a career as a Restaurant GM when, by stroke of luck, she began hosting parties for the Free Speech Coalition. She met several adult actresses at these events and became emboldened by their openness and friendliness (and happiness!) She was a bit shy when it came to her confidence, but she loved watching porn – so she gave it a try in September 2005. Funny thing happened: she found out she was plenty sexually confident…and looked forward to building a new career as an advocate for the Adult Entertainment Industry! She found out there “is a political battle being waged against the Adult Industry! We must fight the good fight, while keeping it safe for children on the Internet”.
Darryl had an admitted tough childhood, then spent ages 12-18 moving through 6 foster homes. But with a strong work ethic she survived, endured and excelled by always keeping a positive attitude.

Early on, Darryl was in control and not afraid to ask for what she wanted sexually! She went to 3 high schools and admits to “approaching all the hot guys to hook up because I wanted to cum, not to please a boyfriend” (as proof that these dudes were smart as well as lucky) nobody let the cat out of the bag that their shy & awkward classmate wanted sex as much as they did! Would you risk pissing off the “good thing” that wanted you as much as you wanted her?!
Moving from the State Capital to the San Fernando Valley in 2006, Darryl Hanah quickly established herself in SoCal’s Porn Valley as a ringer for her mainstream namesake (notice she spells her name with two s‘R’s & one ‘N’ – opposite the mainstream actress). Like the mainstream star she takes her name from, the adult industry’s Darryl Hanah has a love of nature /animals, passion for social responsibility, captivating beauty, and radiates sexuality – because she loves what she’s doing.

Darryl loves to promote masturbation. She says she likely made it out of high school without getting pregnant because she didn’t need anyone else to cum. Now, as a rising adult film star, she gets paid to do it and lets you enjoy watching it, because she’s going to do it anyway! She’s not into demeaning stuff – that doesn’t turn her on. Her rules entering Adult was “to never have any regrets…to not do anything she doesn’t find sexy”. But you’ll figure out what does turn her on when you watch her execute her self-described “dirty blowjob”, or just getting lost in the great, “dirty” sex you can see in her growing library of movies!

And she’s here to stay. During 2009, Darryl launched her own website, started traveling around the country to meet her fans in person while feature dancing and going to adult video stores to sign autographs. Follow Darryl as she travels around the Globe… Come & watch, so you can watch her cum!!!,0,0,0,0&step=2


Darryl Hanah Interview

Darryl Hanah Interview
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