Friday, December 24, 2010

Monica Roccaforte

Monica Roccaforte, was born on January 14, 1978, Budapest, Hungary. She is a former porn actress.

As for her early life, Monica started her career dancing, acting and modeling at the age of 15. “ I always loved dancing it was my true passion” she said. Having the first lesson at the age of 7, she was hooked. But still, promiscuity being a trend of the times, knowing she had a talent for making men feel entertaining, he felt the adult industry was good for her.

She won 1981 AFAA Best Actress in “ Amanda By Night”, 1982 a triple whammy awards of AFAA Best Actress in “ Roommates” and Best Supporting Actress in “Foxtrot”, and for the late of 1982 she has been awarded CAFA Award for Best Actress in “Rommates”.

Monica got disappointed with the straight film business, while back to New
York, experiencing extremely bad relations with a casting director. She also tried a few Music ventures that also fell through a short time after undertaking them.
She finally got into X-rated productions, after being talked into it by a figure in the industry. Monica found a great deal of confidence in her abilities and also got a lot of support.

A true measure of help on her adult career was advisement from Seka, a good friend of Monica.

She offers this advice for an aspiring new actress “Porn is one of the worst things an aspiring actress can do”.

Hart ,as she is called in many productions, quit doing explicit sex after four years in the biz. Monica’s mainstream career has been disappointing, she only had small roles in big movies and vice versa.

Monica directed and produced under the name Jane Hamilton. She had released by the VCA about 40 sex videos. She was also called the hardest working woman in porn by Jim Holliday.

Why is Monica Roccaforte famous?

Monica Roccaforte is famous for her hard work in the pornographic industry.

Why do we like Monica Roccaforte?

Monica Roccaforte, having a gorgeous body, managed in her 4 short years as a porn star to release about 40 sex videos.

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