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Paola Rey

Performer AKA Paola
Birthday April 22, 1981
Astrology Taurus
Birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Years Active 2004-2010 (Started around 23 years old)
Ethnicity Latin
Nationality/Heritage Brazilian
Hair Color Brown
Measurements 36B-24-35
Height 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight No data
Tattoos none
Non-Ear Piercings left nostril
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Paola Rey (22/04/1981) é uma modelo e atriz pornô carioca erradicada nos Estados Unidos. Deliciosamente linda, a atriz reuni o melhor das raças italiana, portuguesa, espanhola e indígena, tudo isto que resultou numa perfeita gostosura feminina que escraviza os marmanjos pelo mundo.

Nota: Não confundam a beldade brasileira com a atriz colombiana de mesmo nome.

Conforme revelou em entrevista, Paola Rey era professora de português aqui no Brasil, quando aos 23 anos decidiu tentar a vida nos Estados Unidos, seu grande sonho. Por lá chegando, foi parar numa boate de strip onde trabalhou até ser encontrada pela industria pornográfica local. Hoje, seu total de filmes já ultrapassam a marca de 100. Paola Rey é considerada uma das melhores atrizes pornô do mundo.

A gostosa Paola Rey trabalha com as gigantes da indústria pornográfica, entre elas a Penthouse, a Zero Tolerance e Red Light District. Aqui pelo Brasil, Paola deu o ar da graça na produtora Brasileirinhas.

A maravilhosa beleza de Paola Rey não é vista somente nos filmes pornográficos, mas também na TV. Entre as propagandas mais lembradas da gata está o anúncio publicitário para a empresa American Apparel. Entre as revistas, pode-se citar a Hustler e Penthouse como algumas daquelas que agraciam os belos atributos da gata brasileira.

Exclusive interview with Paola Rey ON Freeones

What led you into the porn business?
If I’d say sex, I’d be lying… because I had never watched porn before getting into the business, so I, literally, had no idea of what to expect. Curiousity, maybe. But, I think, most of all, an opportunity to break free from South America and begin a whole new glamourous and adventurous life in America.

Did you do anything else before you entered the world of porn?
Yes, I was a Brazilian Literature and Portuguese teacher. I used to teach Portuguese to foreigners and Literature, mainly, to students who were taking exams for governmental positions.

Would you like to rewind your life and start it again in a different way?
Although my curious personally makes me think twice about that, no. So far, I’ve lived my life to the fullest. And the choices I’ve made brought me to experience interesting situations; places; cultures; people. With an opportunity like this one, I think I’d get really depressed if I couldn’t live up to all of that.

With so many players in the adult market, what separates your site from the rest of the pack?
Club Paola Rey is run and operated by me: Paola Rey. So, when my fans join the site, I make sure to let them know I’ll be taking care of them & their needs myself. There is no one, like a webmaster, between my fans and me. Besides the exclusive content; I interact with my members through chat, which I host every couple of weeks; they also have access to my schedule to see where I will be doing apperances.

What DVDs that are already out and on the market are the best examples of your best work?
I would have to say that I LOVE PAOLA is a good choice, since it’s a collection of scenes with me and Marco, Mr. Pete, Chris Charming, etc. I like working with all of these guys for various reasons. I get a lot of people who have seen me in Little Miss Innocent, so I guess that’s a popular one. And I love my scene with Manuel in Manuel Ferrera’s POV… the beginning was so much fun!

Who is your favorite male/female pornstar?
I pick Manuel Ferrera for the male, because he has a lot of passion and he wants the scene to be special since he is a perfectionist. I find my scenes with him always look natural and we always have fun filming together. I have too many favourite females, all for different reasons. No way can I choose just one.

Did you ever fall in love with a male “pornstar” during a scene with him? If yes, who was it?
No. I’ve had crushes and certainly I’ve had chemistry, but not love. Manuel, Marco and Billy Glide are all guys that I like performing with. I did have sex once with a male performer outside of work, though. That was pretty memorable.

How often do you take time out to yourself and is it something you do instead of sex or in addition to sex?
Sex is part of life but I don’t let it control me. If I’m taking time to myself, meeting new people, then sex may be a part of that, but it doesn’t have to be. I love to travel and see new places. I love trying new things, especially food!

What is your favorite sexual act?
Foreplay. Without being able to get excited, having time for the emotion and sexual energy to build up, intercourse is just plain vanilla sex, nothing more. I need to be wet, to anticipate being penetrated. When the build-up is very intense, the sex becomes amazing.

What is your least favorite sexual act?
Being “banged”. Okay, sometimes you might want that, but just by itself, being penetrated hard and “banged” without anything else going on is not enjoyable. When that happens, my breasts need to be getting some attention or my clitoris needs to be getting stimulated. But just having a guy banging me is – YAHN – boring. I get dry fast and then it becomes painful.

What turns you on, sexually?
Playing with my breasts and touching my body. Warmth. Confidence. Someone who takes care of themself is a really big turn-on!

What turns you off, sexually?
Poor hygiene; Selfish lovers; Arrogance; Ugly hands and feet.

What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked to perform sexually? Did you do it?
One guy asked me if I wanted a frozen “popcycle” of his sperm and I politely declined. I do have to give him points for originality, though.

How many men were you with before you entered the business?
A lot. Seriously, I can’t even remember.

What is the most amount of men you’ve had sex with in one day in your personal life?
Three. All at seperate times but within 24 hours. I was horny! ;)

What is the most amount of men you’ve had sex with in one day in your professional life?
I am filming a B/B/B/G/G/G scene followed the next day by a B/G/G scene for Bang Bros in a few weeks, so that’s four, if the timing works. That would be a record for me, I think. I did shoot a B/B/B/GGGGGGGGGGGGG, which was Outnumbered 3 and I did have a scene the next day, but I can’t remember the scene I did, so that may have been the most, if it was a B/B/G scene.

What is that number up to now?
Too many.

Does penis size matter to you?
Yes and No. I like girth more than length but it is how a guy uses his penis that counts. But too small doesn’t really work for me.

Do you ever find yourself thinking of people pleasing themselves to your image?
Not really. But it would be something exciting to watch.

What do you think is wrong with most of the people (overall)?
Too self-centered and superficial.

If you noticed that someones zipper was down, would you tell them?
Why not? I’d appreciate it if someone would do the same; especially since mine is always down.

Are you single or involved in a steady relationship?
I am divorced and not looking for anything serious right now.

Who’s the most famous person you had sex with?
Britney Spears… just kidding! Actually, I can’t really say… it would lead to trouble.

Do you consider yourself a good girl or a bad girl?
I think I have good values and morals and try to do the right thing but I also have my bad-girl side.

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