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Chanel Chavez

* Aliases: Channel Chavez, Chanelle Chavez, Chanele Chavez
* Origin: United States, California
* Ethnicity: Latin or Indian
* Birthday: 1985-05-11 - 25 years old
* Eyecolor: Brown
* Haircolor: Brunette
* Height: 5 ft 1 inch (1.55 m)
* Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
* Cup: B - natural
* Measurements: 34-25-36
* Updated at: 2010-10-19

Channel Chavez is a perfect girl for every fan of Latino hotties out there. This brown-eyed brunette is a California girl who has joined the game in 1985 when she was barely 18 and she was active until 2008. Over the course of her career, she has appeared under names such as Channelle Chavez and Chanele Chavez as well.

This Latino beauty is only 5'1 and she weighs mere 110 lbs. Her natural B-cup boobs were quite a refreshment and her 34-25-36 figure made her one of the pornstars with the best bodies in the game. Unfortunately, she has retired in 2008, but there are still enough scenes with her to last you days.


We are here in the Anabolic/Diabolic with a lovely young woman named…

Chanel Chavez.

You are fairly new to the business.

Yes I am.

How long have you been in?

Exactly one year.

How many movies have you done in that time?

I would say over a hundred. I lost count.

You have done quite a few movies for Anabolic/Diabolic I see.

Yes I have.

And it looks like you have recently cut your hair.

Do you like it?

I do. Let's talk about some of the Anabolic stuff. I see on your list of credits some anal movies, some facials movie and others. It looks like you do a little bit of everything.

I do pretty much everything. Everything other than double anal.

Not yet or not at all?

I don't know. Maybe one day, but I don't think so. I think it would be too much for me.

What about DP?

I do those. One in each is fine. I enjoy that.

You have to save something for the boyfriend at home.

I have no boyfriend at home.

No? What about a girlfriend?

None of those either. I'm not even dating. I'm single.

How old are you? Chanel Chavez

I'm nineteen.

And what is your ethnic background?

I am Mexican.


No, but pretty close.

How does a nice little Mexican girl end up in porn?

I was looking for a part time job and ended up answering an ad from World Modeling. The next thing you know I'm doing porn.

Were you sexually active before the business?

I guess. I had my moments.

But you weren't a raving slut?


What were you doing when you started doing porn?

I was doing phone sales for a company. I had my own little cubicle and everything.

Are you from Southern California?

Yes I am. Thousand Oaks.

You didn't have to go very far to get into porn?

No, I didn't.

Were you aware when you were growing up that you were in the center of the porn universe?

No, I didn't even know about it.

What were you like growing up?

I have always been a little bit crazy. I have a big imagination and I let my thoughts carry me away.

Did you ever imagine that you might do this for a living?

No. When I went into World Modeling they told me that they also do movies and I was like "I would never do porn." Look at me now, taking it up the ass.

Did you take it up the ass before porn? Chanel Chavez

I think I did twice.

Did you like it?

Not really.

But now?

I do now. I like doing it off camera now.

Do any of the people you grew up with know what you're doing?

Oh yeah. I came from a small community and as soon as I did web site stuff everyone knew it. I am like a mini-celebrity in my community.

Are they surprised?

A couple of them were, but some of them weren't. They invite me to a lot of parties now.

How tall are you?


What are your measurements?

I'm a 34b-24-30.

All natural?


What are your thoughts on keeping them that way?

I like small breasts. Maybe after I have kids I would consider them.

But you won't get them just for porn?


Any tattoos?


Is that new?

It's a few months old. Chanel Chavez

Any plans for more?

No, one is enough.

What is the first movie you did?

I don't remember the name, but it was for Bill Whitrock. It was kind of an amateur thing. After that I did one for Video Team, Mamacitas 6 or something.

Who was that with?

Brett Rockman

He's a pretty big guy.

Yes he is. I did my first anal scene with Lee Stone.

How far did he get?

All the way.

Where did it all go?

It was great. It's all a matter of muscle control.

Were you nervous?

Yes I was.

How were you before your first scene?

I was relaxed for that one.

Was it a good experience?

Yes it was.

Have you had any bad experiences?

Oh yeah.

Would you like to share one?

My worst experience was when I shot for TT Boy.

What happened?

He just scared me to death. Chanel Chavez

Was he too rough?

Yeah. It was my first time with him and he just went way too far. I was worried that this was how everyone was.

Do you like rough sex?

Sometimes I like and sometimes I'm more mellow.

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

It doesn't really matter to me. There are some that I won't work with, but I'm cool with most everyone.

Who won't you work with?

Mark Ashley.


I just don't like him. Pretty much everyone else I'm fine with.

Do you work with girls?

Only certain girls.

Are you into girls?

I am, but there are only certain girls I like working with.


Sativa Rose, Kat

Kat is right over there. She's cute.

She is really cute.

But she looks twelve, isn't that kind of weird?

No, she is lots of fun. I'm sure it's a turn on for men, but she is nineteen and a lot of fun.

Who else do you work with?

Gia Paloma.

She is right over there in some tight leather pants. Chanel Chavez

She is hot. I like her personality.

Have you worked with her yet?

No, but I want to.

Is there anyone you haven't worked with, but really want to?

No one I can think of.

What about Nautica Thorn?

She is very pretty.

(Nautica is nearby and hears her name.)

Nautica: Rog are you talking shit about me?

Just a little bit.

Nautica: I'm going to kick your ass in a minute.

I can hardly wait. Chanel will you get an attitude like Nautica's after you've been in the business for another year?

(She laughs) I don't think so.

Is this your first signing?

I did Adultcon, but this is the biggest so far.

What has the reaction been like?

Some of it is kind of creepy, but most of it is complimentary.

What are some of the creepy things that guys do or say?

They ask to take a picture with me, hug me and just won't let go. You need to back off a little.

Have you had anyone show up with a stack of your box covers?


Is that flattering or creepy? Chanel Chavez

It's a little bit of both to be honest.

At least you know that you have fans who have already seen your work. Isn't that a good feeling?

It is. You never think when you're making the movies that people actually collect them.

Most of these guys have watched your movies alone or with a partner and have been getting off to you. How does that make you feel?

It can be cool. I have this friend Skylar and we grew up together. He's been my friend forever and we hang out. I didn't know that he collects my movies and watches them. It's kind of creepy. Does he jack off to them or something?


He recently told me that he suffers from masturbation exhaustion.

You know that he's been jerking off to you for a lot longer than you've been in porn.

I would like to think that that isn't true.

What are some of the nice things people have said?

Most all of them say nice things. They tell me that they enjoy my movies and tell me that I'm their favorite.

Do you think that they are sincere?

I think some of them are.

If someone hasn't seen you, what do you think is your best scene?

I really liked the way my Up Your Ass 23 scene came out.

Who were the two guys in it with you?

Brian Pumper and Mr. Marcus.

That wasn't your first anal then.

No, this is recent.

How big do you like your men?

Not too big. You don't need more than six or seven inches. Girth is more important than length anyway.

Who is the biggest guy you've worked with?

Chris Charming.

Is he the biggest guy you've ever had? Chanel Chavez

Oh yeah. I have never seen something like that.

Is he too big?

Oh yeah. He and Sledgehammer are way too big for me. I couldn't get Sledge to go in. He barely fit in my mouth.

Does your family know what you do?


How do they feel about it?

They give me their support and that is all I can ask for.

How long do you plan to stick around?

I had said that this would be my first and last convention, but it's too early to say for sure.

You are just starting to get popular. By next year you could be a star.

(She laughs and shakes her hair) Oh yes, me a star.

You don't think you could be a star?

I don't want to be that kind of star.

You have what it takes to make it that far though. You have the looks and you do great scenes.

Thank you. That's a great compliment actually.

Would you like to stop doing movies and work on a web site?

That might have more appeal to me in the long run.

Do you dance?

I like to dance in clubs, but I don't strip. I don't think I have the body for it.

Sure you do. You could feature now that you're becoming a star.

I love when you say that.


When you say I could be a star. I like the way you say it. Chanel Chavez

It's true. Don't you believe it?

I don't know.

You are very popular.

If you say so, I trust you.

You need to read the web sites more to find out how many people love you. Since you are a Latina, have they put you into any other ethnic lines?

Not yet. I know that they do that to Kat all the time. She ends up in Asian lines.

They do that to anyone who has that vague ethnic look. Have you done a lot of Latin lines?

I've done quite a few.

How about features?

I've only made three features so far, for Adam & Eve.

Do you enjoy those?

It's fun I guess.

Do you have any desire to be an actress?

I did when I was younger, but I think that this would come back to haunt me.

You just have to become a big star so you can cross over.

There you go. I have to take baby steps.

I think that's about it. Good luck to you and please read the web a bit. You need to see how popular you really are.

Good luck to you Roger. Thanks very much.

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