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Jade Parker (Jade38H)

Hello, My name is Jade but you may know me by a few other names such as “Jade Parker” which is the name I use when working with the SCORE group, I also go by “DreamNetJade” on my twitter account and in a couple forums I am in, also I go by “Jade38h” most places I post ... but you can just call me Jade ... OL! I am very excited you found my site and decided to look around! Please look around and enjoy your stay. Here is a little more about me:

# Born: 2/20/1982 (27 yrs old)
# Zodiac sign: Pisces (I am very into the zodiac signs)
# Measurements: (Bust)50-(Waist)41-(Hips)49
# Shoe Size: 7 ½
# Dress Size: 18
# Bra Size: 38H ... yes ... H
# Height: 5'5
# Weight: 220lbs
# Occupation: Adult Model and working professional

My favorites list...

* Color: Blue and Red

* Drink: Long island ice tea

* Hobby: I love art! I actually have a BA in Fine Arts. I love to paint, sculpt, draw, even weld! I also love interacting with members and fans on the internet, I belong to a lot of forums and social network, email me if you wish to join me!

* Activities: Sex, dressing up for others, Sex, having my picture taken and taking pictures, Sex and role playing ... I’m sorry but did I mention sex? I also love to travel to take pics, I actually enjoy driving or riding ;-) You will often see me post about swinger events that Dan (My fiancé) and I attend, I and very active in the swinger lifestyle!

* Position: Doggy style

* Fantasy: DP is the one I am working on at the moment. I am also submissive when in role so I love to be dominated! But I have many!

* Actress: Angelina Jolie (she is the hottest EVER!)

* Author: James Patterson

* Music: I am a girl of Variety so I like a bit of everything (not just in music) hehe

* Most sensitive part of my body: that is a hard one! I would have to say my neck ...

Little more on the naughty side....

* Sexual Orientation: I would say I am bi-curious. I like to play with girls, but I can't get enough cock!

* How many sexual partners: Oh my! *giggle* quite a few *wink wink*

* Pubic hair style: Nice and trimmed or shaved

* Underwear choice: I LOVE panties, so many favorites to chose from!

Wanna Send Me Something or contact me via postal mail

Jade Parker
PO Box 392
Larchmont NY 10538

I am excited to announce that I now have a PO Box! If you would like to send me a gift of any kind this is the address you can use ϑ I just created a wish list at Big Gals Lingerie and Extreme Restraints if you need an idea on what type of things I like. If you send me something and would like a thank you picture of me sent back to you just let me know! I will print out one of my sexiest pics and sign it just for you! If you want to be discrete, that works too! If you send me an outfit or toy I will be sure to use it in an future pic set or video update on my site! You guys are the best! Kisses!

Jade Parker (born February 20, 1982), also known as DreamNetJade and Jade38H is an amateur adult model on Dreamnet.

Jade has been on the web for over a year now. She likes to think of herself as the naughty girl next door. She is best known for her 38H all natural tits, big ass, bright smile and upbeat personality.She loves her curves and to show them off every chance she gets! Jade holds a BA in Fine Art and as an avid lover of the arts.
On her website, she states that she "love[s] to paint, sculpt, draw, even weld!"

Question 1: Tell us a little something about yourself growing up

Well i was an only child with a single mom up until 13 years old when my mother got married had another baby. It pretty much change my entire life...for the better! I also changed school districts in 9th grade, i went from a more urban school to a more rural school. So i have the best of both worlds, and it shaped my personality some...i can get a little ghetto sometimes but i can also have that country girls heart too! hehe! I was very well liked in both schools...even got invited to the prom all 4 years of HS :) AND i was voted class Flirt! lol, surprise surprise!

Question 2: When did you Start to "develop"

5th grade i remember being embarrassed to change in the locker room but i almost want to say it was as soon at 3ird grade i started to notice it...first bra in though

Question 2a: What are your measurements


Question 3: How did you feel about the attention you got?

Well i just had to get use to girls not liking me and boy liking me a lot! LOL i just used my upbeat shinning personality to bring together i package for everyone to like. And who doesn't like attention? I think that lead to my "flirting" like personality in the end!

Question 4: What got you started on the web?

My fiance Dan and i are active swingers and we were posting pics of me on a swingers personal site. We got a lot of attention and i meet some webgirls through dates and social gatherings and before long i decided to give it a try, and never looked back :)

Question 5: What are your long term goals modeling and personally

Well right now i am back in college. I have my BA in Fine Arts already but i wanted to learn more of the computer art, so i went into the Digital Media/Graphic Design program and i am leaning to become a web designer. I want to be able to model and i have another carrer as well. Just being in the adult business isn't enough for me right now, plus i like to really stay busy :)

Question 6: Tell us something about yourself that people should know about you that the probably dont I am a total dork! Dan thinks it is the cutest thing, i am always doing silly dances or songs out of no where. Making silly faces and making myself laugh like...all of the time. Most people see me and see a super sexified Jade, but really..i am just a goof ball with a over active sex drive! LOL

Jade 38H/Jade Parker- "Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship

Jade 38H is a web model whom I've talked to a few times, and lately, she's been feeling kinda down, so I decided to make her a tribute video. She really is a hot one, isn't she? :3
I got most of these pics from the free section on her website, and I give all of the credit to her for these pictures and videos.
The song is "Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship. Hot song for a hot girl, right? lol.
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Jade38H says hi....

Jade38H says hi....
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Jade38H Teaser

Jade38H Teaser
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XLGirl Jade38H's latest cam clip

XLGirl Jade38H's latest cam clip
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