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Bobbi Starr

Bobbi Starr (born April 6, 1983 in Santa Clara, California, United States) is an American pornographic actress.


Bobbi Starr comes from an Italian/Hungarian family. She graduated from San Jose State University with a music degree and plays the piano and oboe.

She started her pornography career at the age of 23. She met someone who introduced her to the adult industry in San Francisco, California, but it took a year before she decided to enter the industry. Her initial works were bondage and submission scenes for internet based companies. She then transitioned to shooting various types of scenes including deepthroat and anal sex for production companies in Los Angeles. She has appeared as the box-cover model for many movies by companies such as Red Light District Video and Combat Zone.

Starr considers herself a pro-sex feminist. Even though she acknowledges that some feminists consider pornography to be degrading to women, Starr asserts, "I don't feel degraded because it is my decision. I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is say no and it would stop. I don't think something where women have so much control in the situation can be considered degrading towards women."

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Starr was a finalist for the reality show, America's Next Hot Porn Star, a series set up similarly to America's Next Top Model. She blogs for and writes a column for Fox Magazine called "Adventures in Porny Land".

Starr wants to study pre-med, with the aim of becoming a gynecologist. Her intent is to work within the adult entertainment industry, where she has identified a lack of female gynecologists. Starr has been cast for the movie adaptation of James Sallis's novel, Drive, which will be released in 2011.

In 2011, she was named by CNBC as one of the 12 most popular stars in porn. CNBC noted her multiple awards, and opined that her upcoming role in the mainstream film Drive could make her the porn industry's next crossover star.


According to, Bobbi Starr is an American porngraphic actress who has over 200 titles to her name and is well known known for her impressive ability to deepthroat(insert whole erect penis down to the testicles into the mouth and throat during oral sex). For example, in numerous adult films such as Massive Facials, Gang Bang 6 and Assault That Ass 12, she repeatedly demonstrates her rare ability to lick her partner's testicles while his extra-large pornstar penis is completely inserted into her mouth and throat. She is one of the few actresses able to deepthroat one of porn's largest actors Mandingo. She has also been known to insert the lucky deepthroat recipient's testicles into her mouth along with his fully inserted penis.

In her pornographic movies, she is often seen engaging in the full range of gonzo porn including anal sex and simultaneous penetration of her vagina and anus (double penetration) sometimes while simultaneously demonstrating her fellatio skills on a third male performer (airtight seal) and/or fellating the penis that had just exited her anus (ass-to-mouth) as well as irrumatio(also known as skull fucking or throatfucking) where a penis is actively and sometimes very forcefully thrust deep into her mouth and throat occasionally triggering her gag reflex. Her gonzo porn scenes often end in open-mouth facials after which she may swallow the resulting ejaculate and/or clean the penis with her mouth. In the 2007 Vince Vouyer flick In Thru The Back Door 2, Erik Everhard ejaculates into her anus (anal creampie) to end the scene. She has only repeated an anal creampie one other time in a scene with Julius Ceazher in Black By Injection in 2008.

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Bobbi Starr, la niña de los ojos de Belladonna

Si alguna actriz a la altura de las cerdadas de Annette Schwarz o Belladonna, sin duda hablamos de Bobbi Starr. Reina consumada del squirting, y de penetraciones anales imposibles, parece que nunca haya roto un plato con esa carita que tiene... Por suerte es tan bonita como zorra!.

Starr nació en Santa Clara, California, viene de una familia mitad Italiana, mitad húngara. Fue criada en una iglesia evangélica, su madre estaba muy implicada en el coro de la iglesia y los programas de drama, con la participación de todos sus hijos también. Starr pasó a asistir a la escuela de música y tocar el piano y el oboe.

Empezó su carrera pornográfica a la edad de 23. Conoció a una persona que la introdujo a la industria del entretenimiento para adultos en San Francisco, California, pero le tomó un año, antes de decidirse a entrar en la industria. Sus primeros trabajos fueron escenas de bondage y sumisión para empresas de internet. Luego, pasó a hacer varios tipos de escenas para productoras en Los Ángeles, California. Ha sido modelo en las carátulas de muchas películas para compañías como Red Light District Video y Combat Zone.

Starr se considera a sí misma una feminista pro-sexo. Aunque reconoce que algunas feministas consideran que la pornografía es degradante para la mujer, Starr afirma, "No me siento degradada porque es mi decisión. Sé que si alguna vez llegara a sentirme degradada o incómoda, todo lo que debo hacer es decir no y esto se detendría. No creo que algo en donde las mujeres tienen tanto control de la situación pueda ser considerado degradante hacia nosotras."

Starr fue finalista en el reality show, America's Next Hot Porn Star. El programa es similar a America's Next Top Model.,%20la%20ni%F1a%20de%20los%20ojos%20de%20Belladonna &

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Inside Bobbi Starr

Interview Date: 07/25/2007

Bobbi Starr is not your average band girl. Oh sure, she might shove a flute up her pussy like that band dork in that movie back in the late 1990's but you definitely want to stick around and talk to her afterwards. Bright and articulate, Bobbi Starr brings more to the table than just a hot body and a gorgeous face. She has goals for herself and above all remains solidly grounded knowing that education is one of the most important things in life. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Bobbi Starr explains how BDSM work helped open up doors for her in porn, how music and pornography are equal modes of expression of sexuality and why you can still be considered a feminist while making a fortune in porn.

Big D: You are relatively new to the porn industry but you are not your typical porn newcomer in that you entered the business a little later than most. Age 23 to be percise. Why did you wait instead of jumping in when you were 18?

Bobbi Starr: It was something I was always interested in but I never really had the connections in order to get into the business. I wasn't really that motivated to seek out those connections because I was in music school. I was taking classes and I was very goal oriented on music. My attitude was that since I started school I was going to finish it. Personally, education is very important. It is not necessarily a 'school' education that is the most important. Getting my education was something that I felt I needed to accomplish. I guess that is the reason why I waited. I don't know if I necessarily knew I was waiting but I definitely had a different thing going on in between the years when I was 18 to 23.

Big D: So what turned your path towards becoming a porn star instead of taking that education you had just earned and applying it towards a music career?

Bobbi Starr: One of the things I have always been personally very interested in is sexuality and how people express their sexuality. I always felt that music is a way to express your sexuality. Having sex is also a way of expressing your sexuality. I was going to enter grad school to get a degree in music history. I could then talk about women in music not only the ones who composed music but the ones that influenced the other composers. At one point in there I had met someone who was doing some adult work in San Francisco. He told me that this was something I would be good at. He asked if I would be interested in doing something like that and I said, 'yes, of course'. Because I was so interested in how people express their sexuality this was definitely something that intrigued me. It was not something that just kind of sprung up and I decided to do it because it was there. It was much more of a calculated decision.

Big D: Did you struggle with that decision at all or did you jump in with both feet? After all, if you get into porn and start shooting movies if you need to reconsider your decision it is not like you can get those movies erased and taken off the store shelves.

Bobbi Starr: It took me almost and entire year for me to decide that I wanted to do this. Once I was comfortable with my decision that I am going to do this and I going to pour my heart and soul into it. There were no doubts about my decision. I knew that even if down the road I come to the realization that it was not the best decision, it still was my decision. I am still going to be responsible for my decisions. Luckily I still think it is a great decision. It's one of the best jobs I have ever had.

Big D: What makes porn one of the best jobs you have ever had? What keeps you going in the business that makes this a great job for you?
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Bobbi Starr: I love to do it and I have met so many people who love to do it. Granted, not everyday is like that but with any job not everyday is going to be like that either. You know they say "if you love your job, then you will live the rest of your life never working". That's kind of the way I feel.

Big D: You've only been in the porn business for about eight months now yet you seem to be showing up on box covers and are getting quite popular. You've shown up on the covers of Black In My Ho from Combat Zone and Assault That Ass #12 that is coming out in August from Red Light District. Just earlier today you needed to reschedule this interview because you were shooting for Belladonna. What do you attribute your immense popularity on such a short amount of time that you are showing up on box covers and are being requested by such heavy hitters in porn like Belladonna?

Bobbi Starr: I never thought it would get this big so quickly. I entered the business with the approach of 'it is what it is' and if I don't end up working with Belladonna then I don't end up working with Belladonna. Also, I did have the attitude that if I did end up working with Belladonna that I could quit the next day and be happy with my accomplishments. I didn't expect it but I am really happy that it is this way now. I will be here (in porn) as long as people want me to be here. I love doing this so maybe people can see that. I don't know why people hire me. I am just happy that they do want to work with me.

Bobbi Starr: Speaking of the people that have booked you, what have been the highlights of being in for such a short time?

Big D: I have worked with some really creative directors. They are directors who have an idea of what they want. It is not just going to work and they tell me I will be doing a tease, four positions a pop shot and then you go home. I've had directors who have told me their idea and they are not sure if it will work out but they will ask me if maybe I can work with them on it. Working with those directors that have that artistic inclination have been my highlights. Even though these are adult films and even though some would say the sole purpose of it is to get off, I still think people can get off by watching something artistic. That all goes back to expressing your sexuality through different facets of life. Like I said earlier, people express their sexuality through music. People do not jerk off listening to classical music. But music is definitely an art form that someone has expressed themselves through. I think that the directors that create those scenes that have that artistic feel to them, I believe they are a bit more appreciated by the general public. There is something else in their movies that gains them fans. There is a human quality to it.

Big D: You've made a number of different references to music in the past ten minutes. You're a very accomplished musician in that you have played piano, your mom was a music teacher and your best instrument is the obo. Has having an extensive music background and training been able to translate to your performances on adult DVDs?

Bobbi Starr: There is a certain work ethic that you learn in music. You learn how to take people's criticisms in music without taking it personally. That is definitely something that helps in this industry. Having sex with someone is an extraordinarily personal and passionate experience. In porn you have a director there telling you what to do and how they want your hips this way or your leg that way or they want you to say certain things. You can't take those directions personally. It's not that they do not think what you are doing is fantastic. It's all because they have a certain ending in mind and they are there to direct you in a way to achieve that ending. While playing music I was told all the time, 'you are playing that note wrong and it needs to be this way'. After I would spend hours practicing this specific passage I would find out that I practiced it completely wrong. You have to take those comments with a grain of salt and move on and not take it personally. There is a big picture out there and you can't get caught up in that one moment.
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Big D: Who are the directors that you get the least criticism or direction from that it seems like you both are on the same page and have a similar vision?

Bobbi Starr: Belladonna is one of those people. I have worked with her a couple of times now. Every time I have worked with her or she is in the room when a scene is going on things just flow very easily. She trusts me to do a scene with her instead of just her creating a scene on her own. I would say when I work with Jake Malone it is a similar feeling. He gives a lot of direction but most of the time they are things I had been thinking about. Sometimes when I get into the actual sex scene he will let me do whatever I need to do. Those are two directors that I feel I am on a similar wavelength with them but it's hard to speak for somebody else.

Big D: It seems like you have done quite a bit of the bondage and BDSM type content for websites early in your career. Was it because those types of websites were based in San Francisco where you lived or was that a reflection on your personal lifestyle and affinity for that type of sex?

Bobbi Starr: I didn't do a lot of bondage and submission stuff in my personal life until I started doing BDSM porn but I do it now. It's something I have experienced on an individual and intimate situation when there are no cameras around. I wouldn't say it was a way to get into the Southern California porn scene. BDSM porn is a lot more physically taxing. I have done some stuff for adult DVDs that are physically taxing and are hard to do and you get very tired by the end of the day but there is nothing like BDSM porn in L.A. The guys on the web are doing some pretty unique stuff with the BDSM lifestyle. I will say it was what was available at the time that helped me open the door to porn. I wasn't scared of it. It was something that I wanted to do and I hoped that I would enjoy it.

Big D: Since there is such a glut and over saturation of porn on the market and on the web, do you think that fetish and more segmented porn is the future?

Bobbi Starr: I think it's great that there is more fetish stuff coming down to L.A. because it is what I love to do. I don't think that the directors are necessarily doing more BDSM because they need something new. Because there has been more on the internet those directors that are going into more fetish porn just realize that they have a kink for it. They have an attraction to it because it is more available. I don't know if it was necessarily planned.

Big D: You've shot all kinds of porn in your short time in. Do you have a preference of what types of stuff you like to shoot?

Bobbi Starr: I love to shoot stuff for both DVD and for the web. You can do a lot more stuff on the internet than you can do on DVD. For example, I did a live webcam for Belladonna in which she fisted me on it. That was not allowed to go on a DVD because fisting could be potentially considered obscene. I find that thought process slightly ridiculous but I am not setting the rules.

Big D: Since you briefly opined regarding the arbitrary rules that porn performers need to abide by in order to not get nailed by the government for producing obscene material, do you have any other political type views on the porn industry in general?. Meaning, what's your reaction if you are confronted by someone who says what you are doing is degrading to women?

Bobbi Starr: There have been some times when people have said, 'I don't agree with what you are doing' or 'you shouldn't be doing this because porn is degrading towards women'. I don't agree with that last statement because I call myself a feminist. It sounds like it is a contradiction but the thing about feminism is that the entire movement was created by people who wanted to support women and their choice to choose for themselves. People who want to support women can still like porn. Also, people who want to support women can not like porn. There has been this creation of this wide spectrum of pro-sex feminists as opposed to a more traditional or conservative feminist. There is a lot of literature out there that defends porn as not being degrading to women. There is also a lot of literature that says yes it is. I don't feel degraded because it is my decision. I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is say no and it would stop. I don't think something that women have so much control over the situation can be considered degrading towards women.

Big D: Why do you think that the overriding opinion of feminism is that they view sex as dirty and bad and exploitive towards women? You just called yourself a feminist but apparently you do not hold that same opinion.

Bobbi Starr: I am not an authority on this subject but Americans generally have a negative attitude towards sex. When you have a country that is run by men and has a negative attitude towards sex and those men have controlled women in the past and have only viewed it as a sexual favor towards a man, it can create a lot of sexual baggage. I feel that our country has a lot of sexual baggage. I believe that if women realize that sex is something that is there for them as well, then it is not necessary to hate sex to be a feminist. It is not just pleasurable for one person but it pleasurable for that person's partner as well. Any sex is pleasurable whether it be a man and a woman or whatever.

Big D: What do you see on the horizon for yourself continuing in this path in porn?
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Bobbi Starr: I would definitely like to do this for the long haul. The only thing that scares me about that is that I would have to keep getting hired or I would have to start directing. I would need to have my career elevated to keep getting hired or to become a director. I don't think being a model in porn will give me work for the next 20 years. I would love to stay in it as long as people want me. If I do get to the point where I am directing, as long as people like the product that I am producing, I will continue to do it. I love school. I will eventually go back to school. I have talked about going back to nursing school. I am kind of addicted to going to school. Just because I want to do porn doesn't mean I can't go back to school and get my graduate degree. It just all has to fit into the puzzle at the right time.

Big D: First job?

Bobbi Starr: I was a lifeguard.

Big D: First concert?

Bobbi Starr: The San Francisco Symphony

Big D: First car?

Bobbi Starr: Ford Mustang

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Bobbi Starr: What's playing right now this second is The Mars Volta. But as far as loaded on there I have anything from metal to hip hop to classic rock. Old Dee Jays, underground hip hop. It's kind of a hard question for me to answer.

Big D: Favorite food?

Bobbi Starr: My family is half Italian and half Hungarian so home cooked meals are my favorite.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Bobbi Starr: The first scene I ever watching was from Belladonna is Fucking Girls Again. It was Belladonna and Melissa Lauren and they were sticking baseball bats up each other's butts. I saw that and said to myself, 'I want to do that!'.

Big D: Favorite position?

Bobbi Starr: I like things to change so I like it when people keep me on my toes.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Bobbi Starr: If it was an Oakland A's game I would go to the ballgame but if it was an independent film I would go to the movies

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Bobbi Starr: My car. I am pretty dependent on it.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Bobbi Starr: Annie Hall

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Bobbi Starr: The last place I went on vacation was the Czech Republic and that was amazing.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Bobbi Starr: Honestly, I can not think of anyone right now. I'd love to meet lots of people but no one is coming to mind. Sorry.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Bobbi Starr: Ireland, Thailand and Amsterdam.

Bobbi Starr Interview

Yay!! My first interview and it's Bobbi Starr! Adjust the audio accordingly. I attached a mic but I did not make sure it was working properly. Fun novice stuff, right? Also, don't be confused by "Lydia Lee" in the intro. That's my name and I don't perform as "Julie Meadows", so I don't want to highlight that name. The people I talk to are the stars here. This is a conversation about lots of things, which is why it is broken up into parts, so check out the rest and leave your feedback. If you're interested in Bobbi Starr news, visit her at
And get her tweets on! Her FaceBook link is on her MySpace page. My blog is

How to make love like a porn star

Next to feminism, plastic surgery and skinny jeans (on men), it seems porn is a subject this blog never tires of. Apparently a quarter of blokes look at pornography at work (though most downloads are supposedly unintentional pop-ups), 50 per cent men are addicted to it and one in three porn viewers are women.

So when international Porn Star Bobbi Starr comes to town for the annual Sexpo conference, I couldn't resist doing an interview with her. After all, she does look like your average girl next door ...

Me: I know you're probably always asked this, buy I'm fascinated: what made you get into porn in the first place?

Bobbi: "I've always been a sexual person. I grew into a young lady who was fascinated by sexual images and sexual acts. I used to keep sexual journals. I couldn't get enough. I lost my virginity again at a young age (it was a quick and awkward experience.) When I was a junior in college I met a boy and quickly fell in love with him. Soon (and I mean very soon) I came to discover that he worked for a fetish porn company in San Francisco. I struggled with it but mostly because I was very curious. Within one conversation he expressed that I should try working for this company. I thought to myself, "Yes! Yes, I should." After much consideration regarding family, friends, school, career, etc I made the decision to go ahead and do it. I am still very happy with my decision and I will never regret it. I am a firm believer that you should always hold yourself accountable for your decision. Even if at some point this decision 'destroys' my life as I know, there will be a lesson learned that came from it.

Me: What are the ups and downs of the job, metaphorically speaking?

"Up: having safe and 'protected' sex. What I mean is that the people within the porn pool make up some of the safest people to have sex with due to the regulation on testing (every 30 days.) Therefore when I go to work I consider myself protected.

Down: When someone within the porn pool has unprotected sex (i.e. without a condom) outside of the pool it potentially contaminates the protected circle. So, please always wear a condom to protect yourself and others against disease.

Up: The travelling is a wonderful advantage of this job. I've had the opportunity to travel all around the U.S. and the world. For example, Australia! I've fallen in love with this country.

Down: However, it has been difficult. It's hard to know where and what your home is. I find myself missing my bed but I would trade in my experiences for the world."

Me: Craziest thing you've had to do?

Bobbi: "Suspended 6ft in the air while having sex, sealed in a coffin and dunked into a fish tank!"

Me: How do you feel about people looking at you naked all the time?

"I don't mind it all. I'm very proud of body the way it is, curves and all. We all have the same bits and pieces; they just all come in different shapes and sizes. Honestly, I think I look better naked than with clothes on!"

Me: Are you recognised in the streets?"

Bobbi: "Airports, yes. Otherwise I just get that, 'I know you. I know you from somewhere. Don't I?' look."

Me: We've had a lot of discussion on this blog how porn affects relationships. Do you feel that porn helps or hinders?

Bobbi: "It can open people's minds to a part of life that they never would have either exposed themselves to or would have preferred to ignore. It also allows for some to feel more comfortable to try new experiences. Being open, whether that is directed towards sexual experiences or life itself will help a relationship."

However, this is a profession that most people have difficult times dealing or coming to grips with. Personally, I am single right now because I keep meeting people who start out by saying, 'I can deal with your job. I see you love it and I'm happy for you.' Six month, maybe six weeks, maybe even six days later they realise it's too much to deal with and I've received a lot of requests for me to quit my job, which I find amusing because I had been doing my job before I met them. What they fail to see is that my job is not what makes me who I am. Who I am is what makes me good at my job."

Me: Porn stars seem to be setting trends in terms of bikini waxes and man-scaping. What are the current trends?

Bobb: "I feel the porn trends are pretty cyclical. First natural, then manicured, now we are moving into a natural manicured stage. I don't think the trends are a product of porn. I feel that it's society in general. What you see in magazines and what you hear on TV is what sets trends it's not really porn. If that was the case girls would be walking around town will a FULL face of make-up in their lingerie.

Me: I've heard when you finish up in the porn industry, you want to be a gynaecologist. Why so?

Bobbi: "For a few reasons! One: I've always had a passion for working in the medical field. Two: In the past few years I've ran into some very narrow-minded and untrustworthy gynaecologists. I feel a gynaecologist is a young woman's most important doctor and she should feel very comfortable to talk to him/her about ANYTHING. Three: I think, in the US, the medical available to sex workers is unacceptable. And I've always been one to want to fight the good fight. Being someone who could offer proper healthcare to sex workers sounds like music to my ears.

Me: Are videos still in, or is the web taking over?

Bobbi: "The web is redirecting attention but it has done that for everything in the entertainment industry. I don't think DVD will disappear. It might take a new form."

What do you think? What questions would you have for a porn star?

- Samantha Brett

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