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Carrie Moon

Carrie Moon (born in 1964) is a busty mature lady from Ottowa, Canada where she works as an escort. She made her debut in porn when she was 42 and I am glad she did because Carrie really seems to enjoy what she's doing.

Carrie is 5'11", 165 lbs of all natural 40DDD-32-42.

She's been featured in gentlemen's magazines
such as: Juggs, D-cup, Gent, Girls over 40,
40+, Over 40 and Legworld.

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Exclusive interview with Carrie Moon

Carrie Moon gives an exclusive interview to Freeones where she answers some very interesting questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

What brought you into the porn business?
I watched several documentaries on amateurs in porn and started out doing webcam shows and building a members site as a result. Then I decided to get more serious and did some magazine layouts and then did some movies for paytv in Canada. That didn’t get me enough publicity so I worked my way to L.A. and eventually got myself an agent.

Did you do anything else before you started in this business? Do you do anything else on the side?
Yes. I have been an escort both part-time and full-time for about 20 years now.

Do you have any regrets about this career path?
Not a bit. Getting involved in porn has given me the exposure in such a positive way about providing sexual pleasure to people that it’s helped me be more comfortable about telling people about what was previously a hidden career. I don’t live a double life anymore which alot of escorts feel the need to do.

Do your family and close friends know what you do?
Absolutely. Those that are supportive stay in my life.. although I’ve had a couple of people remove themselves for their own reasons. The ones I’ve met who are supportive and the ones who stay who are.. more than make up for the ones who don’t.

Are there any actors or directors/photographers that you particularly enjoy working with?
I love my agent Jim South of world modelling. He’s so sweet, funny and supportive. There are several actors I’ve worked with that I enjoyed. I probably had the most fun working with Evasive Angles in L.A. and with in Kingston, Ontario. Laughing on set is what makes my job fun.. and they both know how to enjoy my sense of humour :)

What’s the best part of your job?
The people.
The worst?
Unrealistic sets. Having sex on a table or a set of stairs is the worst. Just give me a bed for pete’s sake! The positions some directors want you to get into so that the camera can see all parts of you at once is very uncomfortable! The hot lights don’t help either..

What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do on the set?
Wearing socks to bed with a sexy teddy. Did you do it? Yes.. begrudgingly… I didn’t think it was sexy at all and I need to feel sexy in a scene.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen while you were working?
Well it was embarassing for my co-star but he had the stomach flu and kept running to the bathroom. The worst part of it was the ‘verbal diarrhea’ and how he wouldn’t shut up about it! I was embarassed for him.

What was your first porn movie/magazine?
First movie was Naughty Canadians for paytv in Toronto. First magazine was Girls over 40 where I got cover and centerfold for Jan 2007. I only got into porn at 42!

Onto the stuff about you! What gives you goosebumps?
Ghosts.. just kidding.. I’ve never seen one but I do believe in them and love shows about psychic/medium/ghosts/extraterrestials. I do not enjoy being scared by horror movies however.. hate them!

Name a talent that not many people know you have.
I’m a really good singer. My favorite night out includes karaoke and I was thrilled every Tuesday when I was in L.A. to attend pornstar karaoke.

Do you have any pets?
Not at the moment but I’ve always had dogs &/or cats for most of my life and even had a pet raccoon when I was younger.

What are you wearing at this very moment?
My robe.. I just got out of bed and am having my coffee.

Are you girly or are you more of a tomboy?
I’m a good mix of both. I love girly stuff but love to be handy and strong as well. I’m quite capable of several things and used to be very athletic as well.

Would you rather have a great dessert or great sex?
Great sex! The euphoria from great sex lasts alot longer than that of dessert.. plus you can recall the sex and relive the eurphoria.. Can’t recall ever reliving a dessert euphoria or masturbating to a good cheesecake

What’s on your iPod right now?
I don’t own an ipod.. but I love good guitar as well as Spanish music. I just bought another Santana cd.

What was your first car?
Vega. I bought it for 300 bucks and earned it when minimum wage was 3 bucks/hour so I recall it well.

Where do you want to visit but haven’t had an opportunity to do so yet?
So many places. Australia, Dubai, Curacao, Peru, Hawaii. Thailand… just for starters.

Do you have any future ambitions?
Just to keep growing and learning everyday.

Is there anything else you would like your fans to know about you?
Yes. I want to do more movies that show what really turns me on.. instead of the ‘pre-canned’ format that most movies have. ie. blowjob, 4 positions, cumshot. What turns me on? It would be a group scene and interaction between the males! Yeah.. I know I’m kinky but ask around.. I have found lots of women feel the same way.. certainly not all. Mind you.. most of my fantasies are better left in my head. That is what often gets me off.. my own fantasies I can control. Real life…. not so much!

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