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Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane (born July 16, 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas) is an American porn star, B movie actress and model.

Early years

Jesse Jane exposes her breasts, from Digital Playground

Jane was a military brat, growing up on military bases in the Midwestern United States playing soccer. After extensive dance training[1], she became her high school's top varsity cheerleader. She graduated from Rose Hill High School in Rose Hill, Kansas, thereafter pursuing modeling.

After being one of the top finalists in a local model search, she began working as a model for retail outlets such as 5-7-9 and David's Bridal. This work landed her a job doing a television commercial for Hooters restaurant.

Jane also landed a quick shoot on the cover of Texas-based metal band Drowning Pool's second album Desensitized and was featured in the music video for the album's first hit single "Step Up". Jane states that Drowning Pool is one of her favorite bands.


Jane entered herself into Hawaiian Tropic beauty contests. During one of these contests, she managed to win a walk-on role in the 2003 made for television movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

In August 2002, she was named "Miss Photogenic" by the American Dreams Pageant, shooting commercials for the pageant's sponsors. She embarked on a career as a top bikini model, though her desire to perform in pornography led her to sign a contract with adult-film production company Digital Playground. Within months of winning this contract, she could be seen on Showtime Network's, Family Business, where she was filmed at the Adult Video News' awards show and convention.

In 2004, Jane appeared in the first HD-DVD porn movie "Island Fever 3", filmed on Tahiti and Bora Bora.

In 2005, she was featured as UnRated Magazine's Vixen, to launch the favorable music review magazine's new edition of Vixens.

The films in which Digital Playground cast Jane, such as No Limits (2003), Beat the Devil (2003), and Loaded (2004), proved popular enough to warrant her own line of sex toys as well as secure nominations for several awards. She also starred in the film Pirates and its sequel Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge.

Jane co-hosts (with fellow Digital Playground contract performers Devon and Teagan Presley) the live, Internet-based, adult industry talk show DP Tonight. The show features industry gossip, adult film star guests and audience/host interactivity.

Jane can be seen as a guest star on the HBO comedy series Entourage. The episode is entitled "I Love You Too", and features the foursome making a trip to Comicon where they get some help from the "Pussy Patrol" of which Jane is the leader.

In 2005, she had an uncredited photoshoot appearance in 8MM 2 (2005).

In March 2006, Jane and Kirsten Price became the hosts of Playboy TV's most popular live show, Night Calls. In addition, Jane also hosts Playboy TV's Naughty Amateur Home Videos and is the sex columnist for Chéri (magazine), with contributions starting in the January 2007 issue

In January 2007, an article in the New York Times stated that Jane intended to have her breast enhancement surgery re-done in an effort to enhance their appearance for high-definition movies. In her official website, she wrote that on February 12th she went to do her breast surgery. The job was done by Dr. Gary Motykie (90210). The double-bouble yielded by the old submuscular silicone implants were removed and replaced by a substantial amount of saline, as can be seen on:

In 2009, she appeared as herself in Frat Party. Her character was disappointed her large breasts weren't enough to seduce an engaged college student. But she later has (softcore which included anal) sex with another (this time a fat) student in the shower.

Jesse Jane Interview - Jesse's Bio & Movies

Jesse Jane

We are now interviewing Jesse Jane, the new Digital Playground contract girl.

Hi, how are you?

I'm great how are you doing?

I'm very good.

This is the last day of your first Adult Expo, how are you holding up?

I'm really feeling great. It's been so much fun and the people have been great. I had no idea that there would be so many people here.

How long have you been in the business?

Only a month, I'm still brand new.

And they put you in front of all these people anyway.

Yes. I'm a virgin, but they threw me right in here. It's great exposure so when I do my first movie next week, people will already know me.

You haven't even done a movie yet?

No. I shoot my first scene with Devon next week for "No Limits."

How did you get into this industry?

I read an article on Tera Patrick in Front magazine and then went to her web site. She was with Digital Playground at the time so I contacted them. They flew me out and liked me so I signed a contract. It was fantastic.

What were you doing before this?

I was a Hooters girl and a Hawaiian Tropics model.

So you went from mainstream modeling and showing off what really is an amazing body.

I was used to showing off, yes.

You have such great energy. Everyone around here looks half dead and you're still so perky.

I can go all night. I'm naturally happy and I'm just having a lot of fun.

When you were at Hooters and modeling for Hawaiian Tropics people must have told you all the times that you should be in movies.

Yeah they did. I did a little scene in a Baywatch movie. That was a lot of fun. They are shooting another one and I might get to be in that one too.

How often did people say that you should be in porn?

Quite a lot actually. All of my bosses at Hooters called me porn-star. Now I get to send them pictures and show them that I did become one.

Where are you from?

Jesse Jane

Arlington, Texas.

What were you like growing up?

I was a typical tom-boy. I still love sports. Football is my game. I love hanging out with the guys. I never had a lot of girlfriends. The one thing I did that was feminine was dance.


Ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz take your pick. I worked really hard for years.

We are going to see you dance in some of your movies aren't we?

Oh yes.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be shocked to see you now?

Yes and no. I always had a little bit of a wild side, but I play up the little girl thing. Some will be shocked, but others always suspected I was a little wild.

How old are you?


You look like you should be ID'd to even get into this room,

(She laughs) I did get carded coming in. I've been carded in the casinos all week.

How tall are you?

I'm five three.



Wow. Those are big.

Thank you. Do you like them?

Hell yeah. Real?

Fake, but they feel natural.

How long have you had those?

For about a year and a half.

Jesse Jane

You said you're a dancer, have you done any stripping?

No, I haven't done anything in adult. I'm an adult entertainment virgin.

But not an actual virgin I take it?

Not quite. I have some experience.

You said that your first scene will be with Devon. Have you been with girls before?

Oh yeah. I love being with girls, they are great.

Are you going to do guys?

Oh yeah, I'm going to do everything. I'm looking out for male talent right now. I want to see who I can start out with.

Have you picked anyone out yet?

I have found a couple of guys and girls I like. Some might be under contract, but I'm checking.

Do you want to name names?

I like Jessica Drake. Everyone loves Jenna. There are a few guys like Julian and Nacho who are very hot.

You seem ready?

I am so ready to get it on.

(Seymore Butts steps in and gives Jesse a present. Hey Seymore, how about an interview?)

You already have admirers?

He's been following me around for his Showtime show. He's great.

Are they working on a web site for you?

Yes, it should be up any day.

You are going to be busy.

I hope so. I want to stay busy.

What has the fan response been so far? They don't know your work yet, but have they reacted well?

I was shocked for just that reason. I'm in the booth with Devon who has all these fans and I was scared that they would just be like 'who are you?" I've been signing a lot of pictures though, it's so flattering.

You can earn a whole lot of new fans yourself this year.

I hope so. I want a long line of my own next year.

How are you getting along with Devon?

Jesse Jane

We get along great. She is a sweetheart. It's like a big family here. That's a great thing, to have fun at work and be friends with the people you work with.

Are you comfortable with the acting parts you're going to do?

Oh yeah. I did Hooters commercials, WB commercials and the movie so I'm totally comfortable.

What about the sex scenes, are you nervous about those?

Hell no. I am so ready. You would think I would be nervous, but I'm not at all.

We look forward to seeing a lot more of you and thank you very much.

Thank you.

Jesse Jane (Fort Worth, 16 de julio de 1980) es el nombre artístico de Cindy Taylor, una modelo y actriz pornográfica estadounidense.

En su carrera, apenas ha rodado alrededor de 60 películas debido al contrato en exclusiva que le une, desde sus inicios, a la productora Digital Playground.

Primeros años

Aunque nació en Fort Worth, Texas, Jesse tuvo que mudarse y viajar por diversos lugares del sur y centro de los Estados Unidos durante su infancia debido al trabajo de su padre, que era militar. En el colegio e instituto acudía a clases de baile, era animadora y jugaba al fútbol. Una de sus mayores aficiones, desde que era niña, son los deportes. Tras terminar el instituto, Jesse comenzó a trabajar como modelo. Volvió a su hogar, Arlington (Texas) y allí comenzó a trabajar para la cadena de restaurantes Hooters, convirtiéndose en directora regional y además apareciendo en uno de sus anuncios de televisión, además de convertirse en modelo para la famosa cadena de restaurantes.

También se convirtió en modelo para la cadena de cosméticos Hawaian Tropic. Participó como extra en la película de Baywatch:Hawaiian Wedding y ganó el premio a la fotogenia de la organización de misses y modelos American Dreams Pageant.


Jesse quería prosperar en su carrera como modelo de bikinis cuando leyó un artículo sobre la actriz porno Tera Patrick que le gustó mucho. Decidió visitar su página web y vio que por aquel entonces Tera Patrick trabajaba bajo contrato exclusivo con la productora Digital Playground.

En 2002, Jesse decidió que también quería ser actriz porno, contactó con Digital Playground y, a pesar de que no tenía ninguna experiencia en la industria del porno, el estudio decidió ofrecerle un contrato exclusivo que continúa en vigor en la actualidad. Durante toda su carrera como actriz porno, Jesse ha trabajado únicamente para la productora Digital Playground y, de comenzar siendo una completa desconocida al firmar su contrato, ha llegado a convertirse en una de las estrellas porno con más prestigio y reconocimiento en la actualidad. También ha hecho numerosas apariciones en revistas pornográficas tales como Hustler y en diversas revistas no pornográficas de todo el mundo.

También ha aparecido en un vídeo y en la portada de uno de los discos del grupo Drowning Pool y ha mantenido relaciones sentimentales con los músicos Kid Rock y Tommy Lee.

Actualmente es conductora del programa en Playboy TV llamado Naughty Amateurs Home Videos y ha tenido apariciones esporádicas en algunos programas de la televisión estadounidense.

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